The subject of God's great gift of feminine beauty and how it is related to porn, filth, and dirt is likely one of the most confused subjects in history, and with many oppressive implications. The document below directly and indirectly exposes many vital issues on the subject. The document exposes numerous shocking issues regarding beauty, veiling, romance, and sexuality, as in ancient history as well as in quite recent times.

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Live links as in above page Shares many related and amazing things while focusing more on head veiling. shares an eye opening and vital allegory on the subject. shares many articles relating to issues slightly touched on here. share various unique incidents of the writer.


About a year after writing this God gave another astonishing

witness regarding beauty and romance on Valentines 2019. See for the story!


God also on Jan 15, 2022 gave another amazing witness on the subject during a 21 day fast as shared below.

My Unique 21 Day Fast And The Amazing Bound Down And Release Event Of Jan 15, 2022.


The Outstanding Tonga Eruption Occurred The Same Day As The Bound Down And Released Event.

The unique bound down and release event was combined with an astonishing 21 day fast and further occurred the same day as the great Tonga Eruption. In January of 2022 while continuing to be concerned about oppressions about beauty and romance I was encouraged to go on a 21 day fast, which fast I immediately undertook, and which ended up being quite unique. First of all, the dates surrounding the fast ended up being 1/11/2022 and 2/2/2022 which dates are particularly unique since the numbers one and two relate to being alone as well as to love and romance or Valentines issues. And even further soon after starting the fast my dentures got run over with a vehicle and even more interestingly the demolished dentures incident left me without teeth for exactly 21 days. It certainly appeared God was giving various unique witnesses to the 21 day fast, as well as the related concerns. And herewith, four days within this fast, on January 15 another very unique and meaningful incident occurred as in the following paragraph.

The Bound Down And Release Event

In our world while the GLBT and lawless are very bold about their sexuality, some religious people may be too timid to share an event as this, although God certainly wants His better plan and message heard! On January 15 just several days into the fast my manhood member suddenly felt as if a needle or something sharp was poking it. And I could not get comfortable and find relief, although I tried numerous times to adjust all clothing involved. Finally, I had to do something about it and was forced to inspect what might be causing the pain, and it was very strange indeed. I never experienced anything like it in my life. My manhood member somehow was tied down very firmly, and not only that, it seemed as if something had gone dreadfully wrong as if a muscle or something within it had shrunk or completely gone haywire and was wrongfully binding it down. My heart almost skipped a beat as it was held down so firmly, and strangely, and something seemed so greatly askew. I then thought I possibly seen a tiny thread or something, but the problem seemed much greater than that! What was so dreadfully binding it down? Later and pondering the incident, were several largely invisible threads caught just wrong or what? I certainly don’t know. But suddenly my manhood member was freed and no longer very oddly attached and wrongly bound down.

I never was able to find out what really happened. I did not remove a thread or notice one tearing. But was very relieved that nothing serious was wrong, as for a short time something seemed so drastically askew that it took a while to recuperate after the shaking incident. Yes, what an amazing example of what branches relating to doctrine of devils which disallowed marriage have done to humanity, and further this vivid example occurred within an amazing fast! What God designed to arise and erupt with rich blessing and joy, doctrines of devils have cruelly bound down. Note, obviously the power of sexual eruptions and matters about feminine beauty need contained within God’s proper and good boundaries. However doctrines of devils have greatly confused God's good and and non oppressive boundaries. And herewith it is of even much further significance that the powerful Tonga Volcano actually erupted the very day of my dreadfully bound down and release event. Yes, one of the most powerful volcano eruptions of recent times, and yes, that eruption providing another and most outstanding example of release, eruption, and power. The Tonga Volcano event further nicely reminded me of the historical meteorites events of Valentines 2013 which also amazingly spoke on beauty and Valentines issues and showed God’s mighty hand and great concern thereabout.

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